Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Home, from an amazing trip to China. We'll post some pics and stuff later :D

Nihau Niobi,


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tattoos / dyndscheisse update

Chinese tour update..
Hey Friends!
Morten here (the drummer) with a small tour update. Right now we are at a tattoo parlor were Lars "many beers" is under the needle...
So far everything has been great. The Chinese people are very friendly and hungry to see metal shows. The gear we have played on have been fine :) Our sound engineer managed to destroy 2 PA systems thou'...
Tomorrow we will play our last show here in Beijing. We were supposed to open up for Soilwork, but unfortunatly Soilwork had to cancel their Chinese tour since they didn't get visas. That sucks since Soilwork is actually one of the bands that we all like a lot and it would have been killer to play with them. Hopefully lot's of people will come to show anyway... Instead, RAUNCHY will be headlining the show :)
Today we saw the forbidden city and we have also been at the Great Wall. Awesome!!!!
The Schecter guys and Painkiller guys have been such great hosts. We wanna thank them for all that they have done for us!!! A special thanks goes out to "Bob", Flaming (Flemming) and Yang!! Ni hau det' fee'. And of course Martin of ROSA :)

See ya guys and remember our Release party at Lades in Copenhagen on the 14th. of June.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

You look white. Can I take a picture with you?


10 am local time. In a few hours we're going to a venue in the artsy fartsy district of Beijing. We're playing with a Swedish band called Karin Park ( who've been kind enough to take us in, as our scheduled gigs started disappearing like good taste at a metal show.

Yesterday we played at Midi School of Rock. It was a great show in a very small venue. People we're actually hanging out from the windows of the room. Maybe they we're trying to get away... Originally that gig was supposed to be at the midi festival, but when the festival got cancelled by the Chinese government, this replacement show on a small music school in the outskirts of Beijing was arranged.
Fun fact: When we first arrived to the aiport, Yang (one of the many nice locals helping us out) told us that this replacement gig had been canceled because of a virus outbreak in another part of China and a horrible train wreck. But then, all of a sudden, thursday, we we're told it was back on friday.

Well, gotta go dig up a cup of coffee. Maybe one of the other guys will check in later. Maybe not.

Gan ban bei

Friday, May 2, 2008

Authentic Thai

Ni Hao

Just checking in here from Beijing, China. Arrived a few days ago after a long but great trip (thank you Red Wine and Beer) We´re living in the center of Beijing and the hotel is fine eventhough Morten and and Jesper K´s room smeels like an old cigar factory.

In about an hour we're going to Beijing School of Rock to play. We'll try to update this blog one of the next days.

Thank God for diarrhea pills.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A short update!

Hey folks,

Seems like the forum activity have increased a bit since we announced the tracklist, hahaha...
That's cool, keep 'em coming! :-)

The cover song is in the tracklist, and it's called "Somebody's watching me", and we can honestly tell you that none of the forum dudes have guessed it right yet! The song with the guest feature is called "A heavy burden" and the guest is a dane, who right now is playing in a canine-related band, which btw. is not playing metal music at all! Curious? Bet you are, but more will follow shortly! :-)

Stay tuned and keep guessing in the forum
- it's friggin' awesome! :-)

The dudes

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tracklist revealed!

Hey friends!

Well, we're still alive though yesterday's photoshoot nearly killed us all - damn, it was friggin' friggin' friggin' freezing cold! Seriously. Hahaha... :-) Well, here's the track list, friends... They might not be in the right running order yet, but we're getting close. Just listened to some of the mixes on my stereo, and those drums are pounding the chest like a fucking hammer, and it's not even mastered yet! This shit is turning out super heavy, friends! :-)

1. This Blackout is Your Apocalypse
2. Somewhere Along the Road
3. The Bash
4. Wasteland Discotheque
5. Straight to Hell
6. Welcome the Storm
7. Warriors
8. Somebody's Watching Me
9. A Heavy Burden
10. To the Lighthouse
11. Showdown Recovery
12. The Comfort in Leaving

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Photosession today and a Jacob comment on the new album

Hey folks!

Hope you're enjoying the sunday. We're off for the official photo session for the new album within the hour, and we're looking good - gangsta style, hehehe... :-) Our friend and producer Jacob have giving the following comment regarding our new and coming shit: "I've been working hard on completing Raunchy's mix of their coming album "Wasteland Discoteque", and it's still not 100% finished. It will be, though, in the coming few days. It sounds very massive! Crammed with Raunchy's trademark catchy melodies and inspiring beats." - yes sir, it's sounding sublime in deed.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday nights are the best!

Hey everybody!

This is Kasper checking in once again - wooooohooooooo, the vodka shots have seriously kicked in, hahahaha... and I'm off later to hang with my lady and her girlfriends (nahh, that didn't come out the right way, hahaha) at a smartenheimer (to the english: a fancy FANCY place) club in Copenhagen called Ideal bar... Well, new mixes of songs are coming in on a daily basis and it sounds SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH, wicked, evil, creamy and everything you fucking want to hear! Hahahaha, nah you have to decide and judge, my friends! But I'm confident that it's gonna turn out as a fucking brilliant album, very rough and dirty with all the RAUNCHY elements, we're known for! (Damn, I'm drunk right now... The lesson is: ALWAYS try!) AND there's gonna be a big surprise guest performance as well, and I can tell you it's super cool! You're gonna be stunned (hopefully) - lyrics goes like this: "Track through the city/ feel fat lies below/ when I'm with you/ streets are fields/ where flowers grow" - take a wild guess, my friends!

Have a nice evening and take care of each other - deal? :-)

Much love,


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mixing process started!

Hey folks,

Well, what to say, received the first early mix last night, and... HELL YES! :-) It sounds so sweet and crystal clear, so we're pretty excited about the whole thing now and waiting patiently for the final result... To me it sounds like a classic raunchy album in the vein of "Confusion bay" combined with the more heavier stuff of "Death Pop Romance" - but there are some surprises as well! Can't wait for you to hear the stuff! Still need to do some few vocal overdubs here and there though + a couple of changes and then we're good to go! :-) If I get the time for it, I will probably announce the final song titles tomorrow, but let's see what happens, right?

The best,


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tid tager ting: historien om Lone Tertz og Kvint Eastwood

Hey folks!

Just a little update from the wasteland. Finished my vocals last night (98%, I guess), worked from 16pm to 2am in the morning, fucked myself up in the vocal booth (check picture, hahaha), but it was worth it! :-) Things sound awesome, a bit more original than I thought it would turn out, but still it's hard to judge yet - we need the whole mixing process to decide, hehehe... :-) Right now Jeppe is working on some more vocals (adding the famous cream cheese to the songs), and it sounds sweet! This time around I've tracked my vocals together with one of my best friends, Flemming C. Lund, and my brother Søren. Next week I'm (maybe) gonna fix some stuff together with Jacob if it needs, but I feel confident (read: scared, hehe...). Nah, it's gonna rip for sure! :-)

We're gonna party tonight! :-)


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Organ Magic

Dear organ fans from all over the world. This is what you've all been asking for in countless emails, fan letters and telphone calls! This is where the magic happens: An organ piece is written!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things are shaping up

hey everybody - this is Kasper with a message to ya'll. Things are going really great at the moment, and we're really excited about how things are turning out. I've recorded nine songs, and I'm gonna record the last two tonight (hopefully). Then I'm gonna rest my voice on thursday, and then I'll finish up what needs to be fixed in the weekend. I've expanded my vocal range since last time, which really suits the atmosphere and sound of the songs, so there's plenty of variation in the mix (from death growls, to high pitch screaming, to low clean vocals, to regular screaming, to hardcore-yelling, to rock 'n' roll singing). Jeppe's vocals really sound amazing as well, and he has some really interesting ideas going on, which is friggin' coolio! :-) Well, I'm about to beging within the hour, so I'm off now! Take care everybody! :-)Cheers! The pirat

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthe Aborre

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Maybe whatever

So it's on, haha! Nailed some songs last night, sounded interesting, I guess, can't remember that much, cuz we were flirting with disaster, hehehe... Nah, not really, just got pretty wasted from the all the alcohol that Flemming from The Arcane order brought with him when he came by to visit us. As a matter of fact we all perished under the attack of the good old Jaegermeister, the Ballantines, the red wine, the beers, the gin and tonic, the crack, the jack and the whole lotta rosie! And Flemming, indeed (HAHAHAHAHA), visited his old friend THE TOILET (Pictures have been censored for the cause of the good, hehehehehehe), but we all had a mighty fine Saturday night! :-) Today we're pretty much just hungover, but we're still working. It's cool. Just went by the local diner where we ate like real men - check the pictures. Untill next time - have fun! :-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fuck yeah, it's saturday!

Hey folks! Hope you're enjoying your Saturday as much as we're doing right now! To get down to business, things are clicking well in the studio. Tonight I'm gonna start recording some vocals, can't wait to tear it up, hehe... Everybody is hard at work, trying to do their best - it's awesome!


Kasper the pirat

Friday, February 15, 2008

Order of the day

Ok time for some updates. Damn we´re productive these days - yup... today Jesper started driving speedway (that means playing bass - HA HA) and so far 3 songs are done from his fingers. Guitars are done - YES YES YES. HUZA (jeppe) is playing around with various sounds for synth and also some vocals ideas are planned. Jesper T. is the man behind sharpening the edges concerning guitar editing and he is doing a great job. Morten and Jacob have been listening to drums all day and it´s coming together great. I´ve been re-amping some rythm guitars as well as we did set up a killer badass guitar sound this morning. We´ve used Mesa Boogie and Peavey together with our Schecter guitars and it sounds fierce. Just had a nice meal with some red wine and we´re now drinking but however still working :-) Guitar hero 3 is next up and I guess tomorrow will start with hangovers. Kasper aka. "Koffi ON FIRE" will be here tomorrow morning. A few pics. has made it´s way into cyberspace.



RAUNCHY Italian style

Day 5

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morten warming up...

A few pictures

A message from Kasper

"Hey there friends! This is Kasper transmitting some great, great news from my home studio (maybe whatever). Talked to the guys this afternoon, and everything is going smooth (operator) in the studio together with Jacob. Morten have finished tracking his drums (awesome work indeed) and Lars and Jesper are deep into the guitar work as well. I seriously can't wait to get started on this record together with Jeppe – I know we're gonna destroy this time around. The demo ideas for the vocal work rip for sure, and this time it's all about performing in the studio, which is a good thing! But there is of course still room for being creative and stuff like that, which is also a good thing! Well, to get down to business, I'm here to reveal the album title for you guys and girls, yes, you're goddamn right! We figured there was no sense in holding back the great news, so here we go. Our fourth album will be known as "Wasteland Discotheque". That's the album title, and we hope you'll like it as much as we do. Lars' artwork is stunning as hell, very original and not the usual metal artwork you'll see these days, but still in the tradition of what we're all about and known for, hence the album title too. Well, it's time for me to get back for rehearsals and finish up today's work. Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day, so remember your loved ones. It's important. Always.

Until' next time - XXX

Kasper and the dudes

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another "HEY HO HEY" from the camp

Back after a well-deserved meal (Pølsemix/Carrywurst that is - HA HAAAAAAAAAAA) ;-) Yeah... once again we had this wonderful exotic dinner and Jesper and I decided to jump back into the the B-studio again to nail even more guitar. Right now Jesper is tracking some lead-melodic guitar stuff and it´s going greeeeat. Things are progressing as planned and we feel that this new record is going to rip. Jacob Hansen (producer) has stated: "Judging from a small glimpse of what to come, I think this is like a mixture between "Confusion Bay" (one of my all-time fave albums in metal) and the aforementioned "Death Pop Romance". Ergo: great friggin' material!" - Cool words from a cool guy ;-)

We have 12 tracks ready for the album and 1 song is a cover song which will end up great I promise... more info on that later. Album title is ready and this will be revealed later this week. I´m also preparing the artwork and the packaging design for the album so this is a very creative month in RAUNCHY with everybody doing their best to make this a great record.

Both Jesper Kvist, Jeppe and Kasper will join us during thursday/friday so bass, vocals, synth, samples etc. will start at the end of this week. Over and out


RAUNCHY in the studio 2008 (Video 1)

studio shit...

Monday the 11th., The first day in the Studio:

We spent most of the day with making drum sound. I nailed 2 songs and then Hansen had to leave early (which was alright cuz he showed up late).
This time I play with one bassdrum and 14" 16" and 18" toms, so hopefully the drumsound will be pretty solid when it's all done.
Jesper and Lars nailed rythm guitar for 2 songs, they track guitar themselves in studio B. After that, we just played Guitar Hero 3.

Tuesday the 12 th.
Woke up early, slept better than from Sunday to Monday. '
Nailed 5 songs, so now there's only 5 songs left but those are also the tricky ones.
Seems like everyting stayes the same around the locations of Hansen Recordings.

Mojn i æ' øjn.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Feb 10 2008

Hey ho hey folks

After a 3 hour ride from Copenhagen to Jacob Hansen Studio, Jesper Tilsted and myself finally made it to Hviding in the middle of nowhere. Well of course we´re familiar to this plade since we´ve been here for both the Confusion Bay and Death Pop Romance albums and now to record this new album number 4. We have an album title ready and we´ll reveal this later this week too. Morten (drums) picked our ugly mugs up at the station as we had guitars and other stuff on our backs. Now we´re playing Guitar Hero 3 and eating "pølsemix" - YES it´s so nice finally going to record this new monster. Tommorrow at 9 Morten will start recording the drums and Jesper and I will tracks some guitar too. Well back to the beers and Guitar Hero - more studio reports coming your way.

Hail satan and Dream Evil ;-)