Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday nights are the best!

Hey everybody!

This is Kasper checking in once again - wooooohooooooo, the vodka shots have seriously kicked in, hahahaha... and I'm off later to hang with my lady and her girlfriends (nahh, that didn't come out the right way, hahaha) at a smartenheimer (to the english: a fancy FANCY place) club in Copenhagen called Ideal bar... Well, new mixes of songs are coming in on a daily basis and it sounds SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH, wicked, evil, creamy and everything you fucking want to hear! Hahahaha, nah you have to decide and judge, my friends! But I'm confident that it's gonna turn out as a fucking brilliant album, very rough and dirty with all the RAUNCHY elements, we're known for! (Damn, I'm drunk right now... The lesson is: ALWAYS try!) AND there's gonna be a big surprise guest performance as well, and I can tell you it's super cool! You're gonna be stunned (hopefully) - lyrics goes like this: "Track through the city/ feel fat lies below/ when I'm with you/ streets are fields/ where flowers grow" - take a wild guess, my friends!

Have a nice evening and take care of each other - deal? :-)

Much love,


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From your fans from the Philippines! said...

Wow! Pretty excited here! Is the guest performer someone named Lars V? hehe. Anyway, we are all excited and can't wait to order your latest album! Best of luck to all of you!