Monday, March 10, 2008

Tracklist revealed!

Hey friends!

Well, we're still alive though yesterday's photoshoot nearly killed us all - damn, it was friggin' friggin' friggin' freezing cold! Seriously. Hahaha... :-) Well, here's the track list, friends... They might not be in the right running order yet, but we're getting close. Just listened to some of the mixes on my stereo, and those drums are pounding the chest like a fucking hammer, and it's not even mastered yet! This shit is turning out super heavy, friends! :-)

1. This Blackout is Your Apocalypse
2. Somewhere Along the Road
3. The Bash
4. Wasteland Discotheque
5. Straight to Hell
6. Welcome the Storm
7. Warriors
8. Somebody's Watching Me
9. A Heavy Burden
10. To the Lighthouse
11. Showdown Recovery
12. The Comfort in Leaving


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so which one is the cover track? :). And which one will have the speciel guest apperance ? I WANNA KNOWW!!! Cuz I feel goddamn RAUNCHY!!!

Anonymous said...

swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :-)

blog4reel said...

I think your blog is really interesting and would be perfect for - the first ever blog-to-film competition. And it is free! - Kimberly (co-creator of the competition) Btw, we luv Raunchy! :)

Mads said...

You rock my fucking world!