Tuesday, February 12, 2008

studio shit...

Monday the 11th., The first day in the Studio:

We spent most of the day with making drum sound. I nailed 2 songs and then Hansen had to leave early (which was alright cuz he showed up late).
This time I play with one bassdrum and 14" 16" and 18" toms, so hopefully the drumsound will be pretty solid when it's all done.
Jesper and Lars nailed rythm guitar for 2 songs, they track guitar themselves in studio B. After that, we just played Guitar Hero 3.

Tuesday the 12 th.
Woke up early, slept better than from Sunday to Monday. '
Nailed 5 songs, so now there's only 5 songs left but those are also the tricky ones.
Seems like everyting stayes the same around the locations of Hansen Recordings.

Mojn i æ' øjn.


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