Friday, May 2, 2008

Authentic Thai

Ni Hao

Just checking in here from Beijing, China. Arrived a few days ago after a long but great trip (thank you Red Wine and Beer) We´re living in the center of Beijing and the hotel is fine eventhough Morten and and Jesper K´s room smeels like an old cigar factory.

In about an hour we're going to Beijing School of Rock to play. We'll try to update this blog one of the next days.

Thank God for diarrhea pills.



Lars E 'Lasse' said...

Hehe lyder fanname sproedt. Gi den nu max gas for satan. Lace

Lige et par tricks:

Měi lì de gū niang! Dejlig dame. (you know what I mean, Molle)

Duo shao qian? Hvor meget koster det.(you know what I mean, Molle)

Teng ma? Gør det ondt? (you know what I mean, Molle)

He niu nai ma? Drikker du maelk? (you know what I mean, Molle)

Ce suo zai nar, Wo bing le? Hvor er lokummet, jeg er syg (you know what I mean, Molle)

Anonymous said...

How is Jacob doing as Raunchy leadsinger ? could be kinda interesting to know if he knows the lyrics and the songs. haha :D.
BTW, a video or 2 would be cool, to entertain us horny raunchy fans far away from China.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant Morten..

Anonymous said...

Helved Laze'

Nice to hear from you :-)
funny man ;-)

Anonymous said...

l?se hele blog, pretty good