Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another "HEY HO HEY" from the camp

Back after a well-deserved meal (Pølsemix/Carrywurst that is - HA HAAAAAAAAAAA) ;-) Yeah... once again we had this wonderful exotic dinner and Jesper and I decided to jump back into the the B-studio again to nail even more guitar. Right now Jesper is tracking some lead-melodic guitar stuff and it´s going greeeeat. Things are progressing as planned and we feel that this new record is going to rip. Jacob Hansen (producer) has stated: "Judging from a small glimpse of what to come, I think this is like a mixture between "Confusion Bay" (one of my all-time fave albums in metal) and the aforementioned "Death Pop Romance". Ergo: great friggin' material!" - Cool words from a cool guy ;-)

We have 12 tracks ready for the album and 1 song is a cover song which will end up great I promise... more info on that later. Album title is ready and this will be revealed later this week. I´m also preparing the artwork and the packaging design for the album so this is a very creative month in RAUNCHY with everybody doing their best to make this a great record.

Both Jesper Kvist, Jeppe and Kasper will join us during thursday/friday so bass, vocals, synth, samples etc. will start at the end of this week. Over and out


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