Saturday, May 3, 2008

You look white. Can I take a picture with you?


10 am local time. In a few hours we're going to a venue in the artsy fartsy district of Beijing. We're playing with a Swedish band called Karin Park ( who've been kind enough to take us in, as our scheduled gigs started disappearing like good taste at a metal show.

Yesterday we played at Midi School of Rock. It was a great show in a very small venue. People we're actually hanging out from the windows of the room. Maybe they we're trying to get away... Originally that gig was supposed to be at the midi festival, but when the festival got cancelled by the Chinese government, this replacement show on a small music school in the outskirts of Beijing was arranged.
Fun fact: When we first arrived to the aiport, Yang (one of the many nice locals helping us out) told us that this replacement gig had been canceled because of a virus outbreak in another part of China and a horrible train wreck. But then, all of a sudden, thursday, we we're told it was back on friday.

Well, gotta go dig up a cup of coffee. Maybe one of the other guys will check in later. Maybe not.

Gan ban bei

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