Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tid tager ting: historien om Lone Tertz og Kvint Eastwood

Hey folks!

Just a little update from the wasteland. Finished my vocals last night (98%, I guess), worked from 16pm to 2am in the morning, fucked myself up in the vocal booth (check picture, hahaha), but it was worth it! :-) Things sound awesome, a bit more original than I thought it would turn out, but still it's hard to judge yet - we need the whole mixing process to decide, hehehe... :-) Right now Jeppe is working on some more vocals (adding the famous cream cheese to the songs), and it sounds sweet! This time around I've tracked my vocals together with one of my best friends, Flemming C. Lund, and my brother Søren. Next week I'm (maybe) gonna fix some stuff together with Jacob if it needs, but I feel confident (read: scared, hehe...). Nah, it's gonna rip for sure! :-)

We're gonna party tonight! :-)


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