Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We're proud to announce we're nominated in "GAFFA PRISEN 2010" in the category "Best Danish Hard Rock" Help us out by going to and cast your vote.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

European Tour info...

Hell´o ed´bangers

Here´s the final dates for the european tour with THREAT SINAL, RAUNCHY, SYBREED, M.A.N and IN COLD BLOOD. See you out there...

14.11.2010 - Bournemouth (UK) "Champions"*
15.11.2010 - Southampton (UK) "Joiners" *
16.11.2010 - Nottingham (UK) "The Bodega Social Club"*
17.11.2010 - Swansea (UK) "SinCity"*
18.11.2010 - London (UK) "Barfly"*
19.11.2010 - Terneuzen (The Netherlands) "De Pit"
20.11.2010 - Copenhagen (Denmark) "The Rock"*
22.11.2010 – Oldenburg (Germany) “Cadillac”
23.11.2010 - Darmstadt (Germany) "Steinbruch Theatre"
24.11.2010 – Lyon (France) “Lyon Hall”
25.11.2010 - Barcelona (Spain) "Be Cool"
26.11.2010 - Madrid (Spain) "La Sala El Grito”
27.11.2010 - Lisboa (Portugal) "Side B Lounge"
28.11.2010 - Porto (Portugal) "Porto Rio"
29.11.2010 - Bilbao (Spain) "RockStar Live"
01.12.2010 - Turin (Italy) "Lapsus"
02.12.2010 - Bologna (Italy) "Blogos"
03.12.2010 - Aarau (Switzerland) "KiFF"
04.12.2010 - Bulle (Switzerland) "Ebullition"
05.12.2010 - Vienna (Austria) "Viper Room"
06.12.2010 - Stuttgart (Germany) "Die Roehre"*
07.12.2010 - Koeln (Germany) "Underground"*


Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Blueprints For Lost Sounds" on MySpace.

We´ve added yet another track called "Blueprints For Lost Sounds" from the new album on our MySpace - enjoy :-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Torsdags Tons" på P3

HUSK at lytte til P3 torsdag den 16. september kl. 11 hvor der vil være "Torsdags Tons" med RAUNCHY :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Release Party

RAUNCHY Release party (including free beer sponsored by TUBORG) this Saturday (September 11) at IDEAL BAR CPH. right next to VEGA from 7 pm - 9 pm. 9pm live concert with The Burning, RAUNCHY & INVOCATOR at VEGA!!!

The new album will NOT be sold this evening but be sure to step by Stereo Studie on Købmagergade (CPH.) on September 20 between 17-18 and buy the new album, shirts and get a signed poster.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"A Discord Electric" album teaser!!!

We´ve made an album teaser ready for you at our MySpace


Sunday, August 22, 2010

HBB Tour rehearsal

This weekend we had our first Headbangers Ball Tour rehearsal with stand-in guitarist Flemming C. Lund (Invocator/The Arcane Order/Autumn Leaves).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2010" video

"Shake Your Grave" on MySpace

Please head over to our MySpace profile HERE and listen to "Shake Your Grave" taken from the new album "A Discord Electric" - ENJOY!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Pre-order "A Discord Electric"

Now you can pre-order "A Discord Electric" here: will also be selling our new merchandise from september :-)

New song from "A Discord Electric"...

On thursday (August 12) we will post a song from "A Discord Electric" - stay tuned!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

RAUNCHY "A Discord Electric" artwork

Hell´o folks

Here´s the front artwork for "A Discord Electric" :-)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

IMPORTANT: Headbangers Ball show in Copenhagen...

... the Headbangers Ball show on September 11 2010 has been moved from Pumpehuset to Lille VEGA (Copenhagen)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RAUNCHY new album release

The modern metal combo RAUNCHY will release their highly anticipated new album A DISCORD ELECTRIC through Lifeforce Records on September 20th in Denmark, October 8th in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland, October 11th rest of Europe, and on October 12th in the US.

With uncompromising old-school thrash rhythms and potent electro-sounds, combining the hymns of modernity and tradition, A DISCORD ELECTRIC is the perfect metal anthem to the young and hopeless raging in a metropolis or in a redneck town all over the world.

Produced once again by long time friend Jacob Hansen, A DISCORD ELECTRIC, delivers the following 12 songs of pure ecstasy and genre-defining heavy metal music: “Dim the Lights and Run”, “Rumors of Worship”, “Blueprints For Lost Sounds”, “NGHT PRTY”, “Street Emperor”, “Shake Your Grave”, “Tiger Crown”, “Big Truth”, “The Great Depression”, “The Yeah Thing”, “Ire Vampire”, “Gunslingers and Tombstones”.

A short comment from the band:
“This is by far the most experimental, the most challenging, and the most interesting album we have come up with since the beginning of the band. My personal take on this endeavor is quite simple actually: This album will be on the hot list when it comes out! Every member of the band has had the freedom to take things to the limits, above and beyond, and believe me, boundaries are transparent this time around, we’re going totally apeshit, and you’re definitely in for some big surprises with some cool guest performances by our friends in DUNÉ on the song “Big Truth” among other exciting things”, says vocalist Kasper Thomsen.

Stay tuned for artwork previews at the end of june!!!!

take care


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey folks

Today we spent our precious time posing in front of the camera. Brand new pictures will surface within the next few days - and they´ re classy :-)

See ya


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Headbangers Ball Tour 2010

03-09-2010: GIMLE, Roskilde
04-09-2010: FERMATEN, Herning
10-09-2010: TRAIN, Aarhus
11-09-2010: PUMPEHUSET, København
17-09-2010: BADEANSTALTEN, Slagelse
18-09-2010: POSTEN, Odense
23-09-2010: TOBAKKEN, Esbjerg
24-09-2010: STUDENTERHUSET, Aalborg
25-09-2010: GODSET, Kolding

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.... blah blah blah :-)

Hell´o ED´bangers. Lars here. Just a few reflections on the forthcoming album as everybody in the band are listening to the first test mixes these days - WOW ;-)

First of all I personally cannot wait to the release date of this new album and somehow September feels like years away right now. We´ve recorded 12 tracks for the album and I think we´ve taken our music to a place that I never could have imagined with each member performing their absolutely best ;-)

For a band like RAUNCHY it has always been a "blurry" process from writing and demoing the basic song structures to the actual end result - that´s the beauty of RAUNCHY too. We know what we´re capable of doing as a band and we´ve never had any musical boundaries and this new album may show that we respect so many genres. This may sound a bit "schizophrenic" but don´t despair it´s within the boundaries of RAUNCHY. The new album has taken things to each end of the spectrum with a lot of really cool things going on so we´re excited to get some feedback as we´re truely P.R.O.U.D.

We have some veeeery HEAVY stuff going on with different guitar tunings etc., some fast things in there too, something very groovy and maybe a bit bluesy, all combined with beautiful layering, melodies and very cool vocals.

The overall sound on the album may differ from our previous albums and Jacob Hansen really gives the songs a new and refreshing dimension.

I still need to finish the artwork but it´s going to be as colorful as the 12 tracks that will be on the album.

We have some touring activities coming up in September and in November/December both for Denmark but also around Europe - still too early to make it public yet but stay tuned. The album title will also follow very soon.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Recording percussion

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Album title

Hell´o good people. We´re proud to present the title for our fifth album which will see the light of day in september. The album "HEAVY METAL THUNDER" simply is pure mayhem for your soft ears. Imagine superb songwriting that blends Manowar with Duran Duran and hopefully you get the full picture of what to expect. Be prepared for this monster... there´s gonna be a "HEAVY METAL THUNDER" in september.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

RAUNCHY confirmed for METALTOWN in Gothenburg, Sweden

We´re are proud to confirm that we will be playing at this years METALTOWN that takes place june 18-19 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is a great opportunity for us to play a few songs from the forthcoming album. See you Sweden :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

STUDIO: Day 13

Husmand - of the night - in the studio

6.30 - Pig time
Nothing happened

Began the day with a bowl of milk

A cup of coffee before leaving for the studio

Left for the studio

Arrived at the studio. Time for another cup of coffee

Ate a winegummy bat - it was good. So far, highlight of the day.

11.05 - 11- 11.15
Designed the new cover. here it is kids. Everybody is satisfied.

Tried a few ideas for "dyndscheisse slæberen"

Failed miserably and stepped outside for a cup of coffee and a smoke

Jacob arrives. We shoot my ideas down together. Good times.

12.12  - 13.30
More coffee and working on "slæberen" again

After 2 hours of working on a melody for the same 15 seconds , an idea finally comes up.

Jacob arrives. We shoot my ideas down together. Good times

Coffee break

Ate the last winegummy bat. 
Still working on "slæberen"

Everybody but me, leaves

I try out an idea for a new track with my super voice. Everybody is satisfied.

Jacob forgot something and comes back to pick it up.
We shoot down my ideas together. 

Jacob leaves again. 
I cry a little bit

First result of the day. 
I receive a telephone call about how mind-numbingly amazing I sound.
Turns out it was it was the wrong number. 

Coffee/smoke break
I watch in absolute awe as gun jack moves a pile of dirt 2 feet.

Coffee break extended to dinner break. The decadent life of a rock star.

Back to work

Never really recover from awesome dinner and decide to call it a day.


That's it folks.
Day 13 is done.
Tomorrow I'll be going home, and then we'll have a break before mixing.

Till next time,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 11


This is J MouzZ reporting from Rawhide studios.
Today K Dogg and T Bag left the studio to watch curling - after having shouted profanities at some poor microphone all of yesterday and most of today.
I'm still here to bounce stuff back and forth between servers, though, and eat whatever food is left in the fridge.
I'll make sure to keep you guys updated on that.
The situation, as we speak, is that we have leverpostej and salt kød left, but sadly, no karse.

In between eating karse (back when it was there), Jacob and I have been working on some vocals and keyboards. Some of it might even turn out halfway decent :)

For now, this is J MouzZah signing off

Stay tuned for more updates on leverpostej

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hell'o' party people - just a short update from the studio crib. Oh, what a splendid day it has been - with coffee and beer + inspiration (what more can two hard working vocalists ask for?).

Worked on the song "Vipers" again, and now it totally rocks, and we're glad far beyond metal. Worked on choruses all day (oh, what a melodic treat you're in for!) - great stuff in deed. Right now we're chillin' with the Price brothers - great guys! Mashed potatos and butter... well, gotta love it! :-)

Tomorrow waits another day of work. My brother will team up with us once again, and we're gonna work on the songs "Ire Vampire" and "Tiger Crown" + maybe do some more melodic overdubs on a couple of the already done songs. We have a crazy idea for "Vipers", but we don't know how to get a whole stadium crowd to do the response mania - well, we're gonna make it happen anyway. Hell yeah. Like always.

BTW. Some lovely fans have besieged the studio. Now what's up with that? :-)

And today we saw the WOLF! Outside our window, and it's big news. Almost as big as the mouse trying to find its way into our shoes last night. Loved it.


Jep and Kasp

Lesson of the day: "Lady Gaga is the Gaga Lada" (say what?) We've lost it... :-)

First sneak peak

Monday, February 15, 2010


Oh, what a day! Right now I'm totally exhausted after a hard day of work. It's only me and Jeppe who's in the studio right now and this kind of isolation is good for our creativity. Even though I'm tired as hell, we're still working, hehe... We need to get things done, but we're not rushing anything. Vocals are being spawned by the minute, and it really sounds amazing. Jeppe has been working on "Street emperor" and "Vipers" today, and I've just finished recording "Rumours of worship" and "Applause for the cause" - it's killer with an old school kinda thrash feel to the rough vocals in "applause..." + some new experimental vocal stuff going on in the verses for "Rumours...". We are trying out some very different vocal arrangements this time and I think you're in for a surprise - in a good way! :-) Well, I think I'll finish this blog with a short lyrical part from the song "rumours of worship", just because the lyrics are so freakin' awesome, hehe... :-)

"We are the death of the funeral/ We are the pose on your holiday/ We are the vows at your wedding/ We are the sentiment in between/ We won’t go back to the beginning/ To slit the throats of your fiction/ We are the party of darkness/ We are a newborn sensation/ I want to believe you/ I will do the best I can/ And no one will defy you/ We are the rumours in your worship// We are the words spilled on the page/ We are your rage when you dreamt of age/ We are the party of the big scene/ We are the light in your blackout/ We are your real emptiness/ We were the pleasure of your heat/ We are the love and the obscene/We are the life in the dark street".

Lesson of the day: "Don't eat cheap leverpostej"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All fired up

Hey what's up. Last night we started to lay down some initial vocals - and WOW what a massive sound! I have already recorded most of the vocal parts in the following songs: "Good Son" (It's an old school brutal song tuned in A with some killer riffs), "The Night Party" (Yeah, it's a party song, hehe...), "Vipers" (King Diamond would be proud), "Street Emperor" (LG would be proud), and a verse idea for "Pull Yourself Together" (Dave Gahan would, nah not really...), so we're progressing with a good feeling I must say... :-) I'm gonna spend the rest of the day listening to the stuff, maybe putting some overdubs here and there, and maybe change a couple of parts too. My brother is the pro-tools master of death, and he's doing a really good job (THANKS!).

Have a great sunday!

Lesson of the day: "Nul huller? Ah, du har da i hvert fald mindst tre!" (citat: gun jack)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturdays are made for metal

Hi everybody, finally getting up after one friday night and a morning rise. Things are still going good, and drums + guitars are all recorded. I think we only need some "here and there" touches on some of the guitar parts, and then we're there! A lot of experimenting is going on as I write this, trying out different sounds to give each song its own identity - it's gonna be cool for sure!

Lars and Jesper left the studio ealier today as they had to attend some business back in Cph. Later today Jeppe will arrive, and tonight I will start putting some vocal tracks down - can't wait to get started! :-) Morten is still here, and he will record some cool percussion stuff in the afternoon, and then he's going to be the chef of the night preparing a nice dinner for us. Some of our friends will come by tonight as well, and the redwine will flow like a river of blood once again! :-)

Until' next time: "Er det dig, der var på orgel? Nej, jeg hedder Lars. Poul, som spiller keyboard, står lige derovre..." - tjaaaaa, ok! :-)

The dudes

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

STUDIO: Day 4 (late night metal)

Kasper (vocal test)


Yo what's up everybody - this is K-dogg checking in. I arrived at the studio last night - awesome vibe here, excellent company. Hope you’re all ready for the weekend? We surely are, and beers and red wine WILL flow, and hopefully I'll get started on some vocals too, cuz I can't wait. You're in for a fucking thrill! This one is for my brothers - and for those three wonderful family members of mine who passed away last year. It was a hard year for all of us. xxx.

We’re still hard at work (Oh, big surprise!) putting together our new SHINY masterpiece. As I wrote earlier this week, we’ve been working on the songs for quite some time now, and it is great to see and hear how things evolve and come together these days.

Morten is still tracking drums by the hour - and it's the hard and fast ones he's working on right now, and there's a lot of technical stuff happening, so he's def. working for the money! Well, he's doing trademark and killer beats already - great stuff in deed!

Both Lars and Jesper T are tracking guitar stuff right beside me, which means that we're working simultaneously in three studios at the same time - o' what a slendid technological world we're living in!

I'm still working on some lyrics and vocal arrangements with Jeppe, and there's some really really cool things happening in those songs I tell ya. The synth ideas are awesome and epic as well, really taking things to the next level.

I’ve been listening to a lot of different music during the whole writing process, music that’s not even metal related, and that has been really inspiring actually. Stuff like Interpol, Kraftwerk, Muse, When Saints Go Machine, Turboweekend, Spleen United, Veto, White Lies, and Ginger Ninja have been spinning frequently on my IPod. It’s always good with a different approach now and then.

Lesson of the day is about ladies: "You can't live with them, and you can't live with them". Peace out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RAUNCHY 2010 Day 2 (video)


Lars reporting from the cold winter surroundings out in the country. Woke up 5.30 and couldn´t sleep anymore eventhough yesterday was a rather productive day that ended up on the couch with candy, beers and Iron Maiden "Flight 666" in the dvd player. If you haven´t seen this dvd please pick it up asap. as this might the best documentary movie we´ve seen for a while.

7.30 AM: Jesper and Morten are up and we gather around the table for some yoghourt and some vitamins to set this day off in the best possible way. We watch the news on TV that is the only thing that connects us to the outside world.

8.15 AM: Morten and Jesper are off to the studio to edit drums and track more guitar. I decide to go for a fresh little morning trip out in the beautiful morning snow as I will be tracking guitar later on today.

9.30 AM: Back from an amazing walk out in the deserted landscape around the studio - sometimes you really miss places outside civilization.

10 AM: After a quick shower i´m now back in the studio dying to get a nice warm cup of coffee - ahhhh what a relief. Morten and Hansi are listening to various drumparts and things are runnnig smoothly and we´re progressing. Jesper is doing good :-)

11 AM: Time for a small lunch, some quick stories and more coffee .. this time with milk for change ;-)

11.30 AM: Trying out various guitar again and maybe we´ll end up using a hollowbody Duesenberg with Bigsby for small parts here and there as this guitar could bring a cool sound and atmosphere to certain parts - we´ll see. For the moment we´re tracking guitar on our new Jackson guitars that sound absolutely great. I think we will be using various guitars this time around to give the individual song it´s own identity.

12. AM: Today´s lesson comes from Morten as he tells us about a new crazy computervirus "Postcard from Hallmark" that should be pretty harmfull and one of the most devastating viruses for a long time. - so avoid this is the message from Mr. Morty.

1 PM: Time for coffee and a banana while listening to drums. The drumsound is KILLER... the snare drum really has a prefect tone .... maybe it´s because Morten hits like a small girl that weighs 250 kilos - I guess so ;-)

1.15 PM: Fired up and ready to go ...Morten is behind the drumkit beating the hell out of his drums.

2 PM: Drums for the fifth song are ready.

2.30 PM: Hansi has to leave the studio as his daughter is sick and I have the honour of sitting in the magic "big-shot-producer-chair" to record Morten´s drums. After adjusting a few buttons we get the sound 110% right with my super ears. HA HA

3 PM: Hansi is back and totally psyched about the super sound changes i´ve made. Yep... even an ol´ fart can learn new tricks :-)

3.15 PM: Time for some shopping. Off I go to the local grocery store driving Morten´s old Porche 911 to buy some food, liquor, beers and stuff. Tonight we´re going to eat a proper meal instead of Pizza and Pøls´mix - our ugly mugs are turning grey by eating that kind of "delicious" food.

4 PM: Jeppe (assistant) is up for helping us through the night while both Jesper and I are tracking guitars.

6 PM: Time for dinner - today with vegetables (peas) and off course BEEEEERRRR

7 PM: We´re at work again... and everybody are focusing on their thing.

møz møz and "Up-the-irons"


Monday, February 8, 2010

What’s up everybody, this is Kasper checking in from the Hansen studio on the west coast of good ol’ Jutland (nah, I'm actually still in Copenhagen until wednesday, hehe, then I'm off for some metal action in the studio - can't wait!).

We’ve been working on this album during the last twelve months, I think, and it sure feels good finally to get the actual recordings started - and we're on fire once again! Mr. Toft Hansen is tracking drums this week, and he’s in good shape and ready to fucking kick ass. He actually nailed four tracks today - good job!

We’re recording twelve songs with the following working titles: “Pull Yourself Together”, “Tiger Crown”, “Applause for the Cause”, “Good Son”, “The Night Party”, “Street Emperor”, “Dim the Lights and Run”, “Ire Vampire”, “Vipers”, “Rumours of Worship”, “These are Dangerous Times”, and "Big Truth". We’re not gonna reveal the album title today, but it’s a cool one, I can tell you that, hehe…

I think we’re exploring new territories, both musically and lyrically, with this record, but of course we're still keeping it very melodic, electro-oriented with an old school metal approach, just as you all know it - and hopefully likes it!

We’re in the studio for the rest of February and some of March too, and the album will be released in June through Lifeforce Records.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress on this Endeavour, so please check back on a regular basis for video clips, funny stuff, interviews and other small things. Thank you so much for all your support.


Hey hey hey kids

Here is an update from Morten and Lars on the first day at Hansen Studios in Riiiiiive, Denmark.

9 AM: Met up with good ol´ Hansi at the studio and started unloading our gear. (He still looks good that ol´ fart)

9.30 AM: Had a cup of coffee, joking and telling funny stories.

10 AM: Morten, started setting up his drums. "Oh my fucking God I forgot how huge those toms are - I need a stairway to do my tom fills" ... see pictures later!!! Morten has decided to record on his old TAMA Art Star which has been used on "Confusion Bay" "Death Pop Romance" & "Wasteland Discotheque" (...why change a good set-up!!) Jesper Tilsted is already on fire in studio 2 tracking some guitar.

10.15-10.30 AM: Hansi did drumssound – he ruled it today ;-) After checking the drumsound we decided to change drum heads from EVANS "coated" to "clear" heads – what a difference.

10.30 AM: Had lunch with "Snaps" and beer.

11.20 AM: Had some more coffee.

11.30 AM: Did a quick guitar sound for a cue-guitar.

11.45 AM. Coffee break.

12.00 AM: First song (a rather simple, über-melodic and poppy song) are nailed pretty fast with everybody smiling.

13.00 AM: Second track is up. This one is a heavy heavy bastard but once again pretty melodic and tuned down to A. Somehow things are running pretty good and we really seem to get things in order pretty fast.

14.00 AM: Time for some food and nothing´s better than a good old "Leverpostejsmad" a banana and a cup of coffee.

14.20 AM: Third track (fast, heavy and epic) are nailed in just a few takes and the old geezer (Morten) is on fire (and coffee) - goood job once again.

15.20 AM: Fourth track (punk/hardcore meets Genesis ...wft???? ) Eventhough this is a pretty up-tempo track with a lot of different things going on. We succesfully nail this in no time. We are lucky today and we cross our fingers and hope this "luck" will continue the next weeks.

17.00 AM: Jeppe (Hansi´s assistant) makes his way to the studio as Hansi probably is going home for some "Aspagerssuppe" – we guess.

17.30 AM: While writing this and consuming a few beers Morten and Jeppe are listening to the recorded drumtakes.

19.00 AM: With Jesper still tracking stuff in Studio 2 Morten and I decide to drive Gunjacks big "fuck-off"-truck around the neighborhood (with the BodyCount classic: "There goes the neighborhood") blasting from the truck-speakers. MISSION: To find some food and maybe a few beers...

... pictures and more studio updates later tonight.

"pøls´mix" and "Metal-up-OUR-ass"

Morten and L´arse

Sunday, January 3, 2010

RAUNCHY - Phantoms - piano cover

This is cool!