Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A short update!

Hey folks,

Seems like the forum activity have increased a bit since we announced the tracklist, hahaha...
That's cool, keep 'em coming! :-)

The cover song is in the tracklist, and it's called "Somebody's watching me", and we can honestly tell you that none of the forum dudes have guessed it right yet! The song with the guest feature is called "A heavy burden" and the guest is a dane, who right now is playing in a canine-related band, which btw. is not playing metal music at all! Curious? Bet you are, but more will follow shortly! :-)

Stay tuned and keep guessing in the forum
- it's friggin' awesome! :-)

The dudes


A.J. said...

Hey! "Somebody's Watching Me" was originally done by Rockwell correct?! Ahaha i hope so cause now i cant wait to what you guys bring to the table! Peace

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