Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A short update!

Hey folks,

Seems like the forum activity have increased a bit since we announced the tracklist, hahaha...
That's cool, keep 'em coming! :-)

The cover song is in the tracklist, and it's called "Somebody's watching me", and we can honestly tell you that none of the forum dudes have guessed it right yet! The song with the guest feature is called "A heavy burden" and the guest is a dane, who right now is playing in a canine-related band, which btw. is not playing metal music at all! Curious? Bet you are, but more will follow shortly! :-)

Stay tuned and keep guessing in the forum
- it's friggin' awesome! :-)

The dudes

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tracklist revealed!

Hey friends!

Well, we're still alive though yesterday's photoshoot nearly killed us all - damn, it was friggin' friggin' friggin' freezing cold! Seriously. Hahaha... :-) Well, here's the track list, friends... They might not be in the right running order yet, but we're getting close. Just listened to some of the mixes on my stereo, and those drums are pounding the chest like a fucking hammer, and it's not even mastered yet! This shit is turning out super heavy, friends! :-)

1. This Blackout is Your Apocalypse
2. Somewhere Along the Road
3. The Bash
4. Wasteland Discotheque
5. Straight to Hell
6. Welcome the Storm
7. Warriors
8. Somebody's Watching Me
9. A Heavy Burden
10. To the Lighthouse
11. Showdown Recovery
12. The Comfort in Leaving

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Photosession today and a Jacob comment on the new album

Hey folks!

Hope you're enjoying the sunday. We're off for the official photo session for the new album within the hour, and we're looking good - gangsta style, hehehe... :-) Our friend and producer Jacob have giving the following comment regarding our new and coming shit: "I've been working hard on completing Raunchy's mix of their coming album "Wasteland Discoteque", and it's still not 100% finished. It will be, though, in the coming few days. It sounds very massive! Crammed with Raunchy's trademark catchy melodies and inspiring beats." - yes sir, it's sounding sublime in deed.