Sunday, February 17, 2008

Maybe whatever

So it's on, haha! Nailed some songs last night, sounded interesting, I guess, can't remember that much, cuz we were flirting with disaster, hehehe... Nah, not really, just got pretty wasted from the all the alcohol that Flemming from The Arcane order brought with him when he came by to visit us. As a matter of fact we all perished under the attack of the good old Jaegermeister, the Ballantines, the red wine, the beers, the gin and tonic, the crack, the jack and the whole lotta rosie! And Flemming, indeed (HAHAHAHAHA), visited his old friend THE TOILET (Pictures have been censored for the cause of the good, hehehehehehe), but we all had a mighty fine Saturday night! :-) Today we're pretty much just hungover, but we're still working. It's cool. Just went by the local diner where we ate like real men - check the pictures. Untill next time - have fun! :-)

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