Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tattoos / dyndscheisse update

Chinese tour update..
Hey Friends!
Morten here (the drummer) with a small tour update. Right now we are at a tattoo parlor were Lars "many beers" is under the needle...
So far everything has been great. The Chinese people are very friendly and hungry to see metal shows. The gear we have played on have been fine :) Our sound engineer managed to destroy 2 PA systems thou'...
Tomorrow we will play our last show here in Beijing. We were supposed to open up for Soilwork, but unfortunatly Soilwork had to cancel their Chinese tour since they didn't get visas. That sucks since Soilwork is actually one of the bands that we all like a lot and it would have been killer to play with them. Hopefully lot's of people will come to show anyway... Instead, RAUNCHY will be headlining the show :)
Today we saw the forbidden city and we have also been at the Great Wall. Awesome!!!!
The Schecter guys and Painkiller guys have been such great hosts. We wanna thank them for all that they have done for us!!! A special thanks goes out to "Bob", Flaming (Flemming) and Yang!! Ni hau det' fee'. And of course Martin of ROSA :)

See ya guys and remember our Release party at Lades in Copenhagen on the 14th. of June.


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