Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things are shaping up

hey everybody - this is Kasper with a message to ya'll. Things are going really great at the moment, and we're really excited about how things are turning out. I've recorded nine songs, and I'm gonna record the last two tonight (hopefully). Then I'm gonna rest my voice on thursday, and then I'll finish up what needs to be fixed in the weekend. I've expanded my vocal range since last time, which really suits the atmosphere and sound of the songs, so there's plenty of variation in the mix (from death growls, to high pitch screaming, to low clean vocals, to regular screaming, to hardcore-yelling, to rock 'n' roll singing). Jeppe's vocals really sound amazing as well, and he has some really interesting ideas going on, which is friggin' coolio! :-) Well, I'm about to beging within the hour, so I'm off now! Take care everybody! :-)Cheers! The pirat

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