Friday, February 15, 2008

Order of the day

Ok time for some updates. Damn we´re productive these days - yup... today Jesper started driving speedway (that means playing bass - HA HA) and so far 3 songs are done from his fingers. Guitars are done - YES YES YES. HUZA (jeppe) is playing around with various sounds for synth and also some vocals ideas are planned. Jesper T. is the man behind sharpening the edges concerning guitar editing and he is doing a great job. Morten and Jacob have been listening to drums all day and it´s coming together great. I´ve been re-amping some rythm guitars as well as we did set up a killer badass guitar sound this morning. We´ve used Mesa Boogie and Peavey together with our Schecter guitars and it sounds fierce. Just had a nice meal with some red wine and we´re now drinking but however still working :-) Guitar hero 3 is next up and I guess tomorrow will start with hangovers. Kasper aka. "Koffi ON FIRE" will be here tomorrow morning. A few pics. has made it´s way into cyberspace.



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