Monday, February 15, 2010


Oh, what a day! Right now I'm totally exhausted after a hard day of work. It's only me and Jeppe who's in the studio right now and this kind of isolation is good for our creativity. Even though I'm tired as hell, we're still working, hehe... We need to get things done, but we're not rushing anything. Vocals are being spawned by the minute, and it really sounds amazing. Jeppe has been working on "Street emperor" and "Vipers" today, and I've just finished recording "Rumours of worship" and "Applause for the cause" - it's killer with an old school kinda thrash feel to the rough vocals in "applause..." + some new experimental vocal stuff going on in the verses for "Rumours...". We are trying out some very different vocal arrangements this time and I think you're in for a surprise - in a good way! :-) Well, I think I'll finish this blog with a short lyrical part from the song "rumours of worship", just because the lyrics are so freakin' awesome, hehe... :-)

"We are the death of the funeral/ We are the pose on your holiday/ We are the vows at your wedding/ We are the sentiment in between/ We won’t go back to the beginning/ To slit the throats of your fiction/ We are the party of darkness/ We are a newborn sensation/ I want to believe you/ I will do the best I can/ And no one will defy you/ We are the rumours in your worship// We are the words spilled on the page/ We are your rage when you dreamt of age/ We are the party of the big scene/ We are the light in your blackout/ We are your real emptiness/ We were the pleasure of your heat/ We are the love and the obscene/We are the life in the dark street".

Lesson of the day: "Don't eat cheap leverpostej"

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