Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hell'o' party people - just a short update from the studio crib. Oh, what a splendid day it has been - with coffee and beer + inspiration (what more can two hard working vocalists ask for?).

Worked on the song "Vipers" again, and now it totally rocks, and we're glad far beyond metal. Worked on choruses all day (oh, what a melodic treat you're in for!) - great stuff in deed. Right now we're chillin' with the Price brothers - great guys! Mashed potatos and butter... well, gotta love it! :-)

Tomorrow waits another day of work. My brother will team up with us once again, and we're gonna work on the songs "Ire Vampire" and "Tiger Crown" + maybe do some more melodic overdubs on a couple of the already done songs. We have a crazy idea for "Vipers", but we don't know how to get a whole stadium crowd to do the response mania - well, we're gonna make it happen anyway. Hell yeah. Like always.

BTW. Some lovely fans have besieged the studio. Now what's up with that? :-)

And today we saw the WOLF! Outside our window, and it's big news. Almost as big as the mouse trying to find its way into our shoes last night. Loved it.


Jep and Kasp

Lesson of the day: "Lady Gaga is the Gaga Lada" (say what?) We've lost it... :-)

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