Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Release Party

RAUNCHY Release party (including free beer sponsored by TUBORG) this Saturday (September 11) at IDEAL BAR CPH. right next to VEGA from 7 pm - 9 pm. 9pm live concert with The Burning, RAUNCHY & INVOCATOR at VEGA!!!

The new album will NOT be sold this evening but be sure to step by Stereo Studie on Købmagergade (CPH.) on September 20 between 17-18 and buy the new album, shirts and get a signed poster.


Insomnia said...

Wait... so us lucky fucks i Cph. will be able to buy the album nine days before release??! Wooyeah, see You there!

Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately we will NOT be selling the cd on saturday as we´re not allowed to. But hey come by and listen to the record and enjoy free beer (there should be enough). Step by Stereo Studio on Købmagergade on september 20 between 17-18 to buy the cd, shirts and stuff and get everything signed.

Anonymous said...

aww, too bad.. Well I'll come by for sure anyway, Looking forward to a listen-through and a cold beer - and of course the concert :)