Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.... blah blah blah :-)

Hell´o ED´bangers. Lars here. Just a few reflections on the forthcoming album as everybody in the band are listening to the first test mixes these days - WOW ;-)

First of all I personally cannot wait to the release date of this new album and somehow September feels like years away right now. We´ve recorded 12 tracks for the album and I think we´ve taken our music to a place that I never could have imagined with each member performing their absolutely best ;-)

For a band like RAUNCHY it has always been a "blurry" process from writing and demoing the basic song structures to the actual end result - that´s the beauty of RAUNCHY too. We know what we´re capable of doing as a band and we´ve never had any musical boundaries and this new album may show that we respect so many genres. This may sound a bit "schizophrenic" but don´t despair it´s within the boundaries of RAUNCHY. The new album has taken things to each end of the spectrum with a lot of really cool things going on so we´re excited to get some feedback as we´re truely P.R.O.U.D.

We have some veeeery HEAVY stuff going on with different guitar tunings etc., some fast things in there too, something very groovy and maybe a bit bluesy, all combined with beautiful layering, melodies and very cool vocals.

The overall sound on the album may differ from our previous albums and Jacob Hansen really gives the songs a new and refreshing dimension.

I still need to finish the artwork but it´s going to be as colorful as the 12 tracks that will be on the album.

We have some touring activities coming up in September and in November/December both for Denmark but also around Europe - still too early to make it public yet but stay tuned. The album title will also follow very soon.



Anonymous said...

I love you Lars.

Anonymous said...

In September... that´s a long time to wait! :(

Anonymous said...

I see... Tahnk you so much for the update, i feel recharged now! :)

Anonymous said...

Make sure u guys come n kill in Estonia while u touring!! can't wait for the new album:)

Petter R said...

It sounds very good, I just hope you haven't lost the center core of the Raunchysound, which for me is the DPR sound, but im sure you know what your doing.
Looking forward to metaltown and I guess we will hear some new stuff there.

Anonymous said...

I agree. DPR might not be their best album, but it's the album that has the most of that distinct Raunchy sound

Charles said...

You guys are #1. What was wrong with the album title "Heavy Metal Thunder"? :) Don't worry, school starts up around September and it always seems to get here too quickly. Keep having fun!