Monday, November 1, 2010

European Tour info...

Hell´o ed´bangers

Here´s the final dates for the european tour with THREAT SINAL, RAUNCHY, SYBREED, M.A.N and IN COLD BLOOD. See you out there...

14.11.2010 - Bournemouth (UK) "Champions"*
15.11.2010 - Southampton (UK) "Joiners" *
16.11.2010 - Nottingham (UK) "The Bodega Social Club"*
17.11.2010 - Swansea (UK) "SinCity"*
18.11.2010 - London (UK) "Barfly"*
19.11.2010 - Terneuzen (The Netherlands) "De Pit"
20.11.2010 - Copenhagen (Denmark) "The Rock"*
22.11.2010 – Oldenburg (Germany) “Cadillac”
23.11.2010 - Darmstadt (Germany) "Steinbruch Theatre"
24.11.2010 – Lyon (France) “Lyon Hall”
25.11.2010 - Barcelona (Spain) "Be Cool"
26.11.2010 - Madrid (Spain) "La Sala El Grito”
27.11.2010 - Lisboa (Portugal) "Side B Lounge"
28.11.2010 - Porto (Portugal) "Porto Rio"
29.11.2010 - Bilbao (Spain) "RockStar Live"
01.12.2010 - Turin (Italy) "Lapsus"
02.12.2010 - Bologna (Italy) "Blogos"
03.12.2010 - Aarau (Switzerland) "KiFF"
04.12.2010 - Bulle (Switzerland) "Ebullition"
05.12.2010 - Vienna (Austria) "Viper Room"
06.12.2010 - Stuttgart (Germany) "Die Roehre"*
07.12.2010 - Koeln (Germany) "Underground"*



Anonymous said...

Why not Sweden...?

Anonymous said...


I am a huge Raunchy fan. I believe you guys should make an effort and come to Australia. :D

You guys are a huge influence. People need you.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the stand-ins on this tour?! Apparently Kasper isn't the only one missing out on it... I only counted 3 real members on stage... Anythin else?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I am in real ecstasy from "a discord electric", it's fantastic! I've listened "Ire vampire" 56 times, i cant stop. For me now you are one of the best bands in the world! Waiting you in Moscow again!