Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey hey hey kids

Here is an update from Morten and Lars on the first day at Hansen Studios in Riiiiiive, Denmark.

9 AM: Met up with good ol´ Hansi at the studio and started unloading our gear. (He still looks good that ol´ fart)

9.30 AM: Had a cup of coffee, joking and telling funny stories.

10 AM: Morten, started setting up his drums. "Oh my fucking God I forgot how huge those toms are - I need a stairway to do my tom fills" ... see pictures later!!! Morten has decided to record on his old TAMA Art Star which has been used on "Confusion Bay" "Death Pop Romance" & "Wasteland Discotheque" (...why change a good set-up!!) Jesper Tilsted is already on fire in studio 2 tracking some guitar.

10.15-10.30 AM: Hansi did drumssound – he ruled it today ;-) After checking the drumsound we decided to change drum heads from EVANS "coated" to "clear" heads – what a difference.

10.30 AM: Had lunch with "Snaps" and beer.

11.20 AM: Had some more coffee.

11.30 AM: Did a quick guitar sound for a cue-guitar.

11.45 AM. Coffee break.

12.00 AM: First song (a rather simple, über-melodic and poppy song) are nailed pretty fast with everybody smiling.

13.00 AM: Second track is up. This one is a heavy heavy bastard but once again pretty melodic and tuned down to A. Somehow things are running pretty good and we really seem to get things in order pretty fast.

14.00 AM: Time for some food and nothing´s better than a good old "Leverpostejsmad" a banana and a cup of coffee.

14.20 AM: Third track (fast, heavy and epic) are nailed in just a few takes and the old geezer (Morten) is on fire (and coffee) - goood job once again.

15.20 AM: Fourth track (punk/hardcore meets Genesis ...wft???? ) Eventhough this is a pretty up-tempo track with a lot of different things going on. We succesfully nail this in no time. We are lucky today and we cross our fingers and hope this "luck" will continue the next weeks.

17.00 AM: Jeppe (Hansi´s assistant) makes his way to the studio as Hansi probably is going home for some "Aspagerssuppe" – we guess.

17.30 AM: While writing this and consuming a few beers Morten and Jeppe are listening to the recorded drumtakes.

19.00 AM: With Jesper still tracking stuff in Studio 2 Morten and I decide to drive Gunjacks big "fuck-off"-truck around the neighborhood (with the BodyCount classic: "There goes the neighborhood") blasting from the truck-speakers. MISSION: To find some food and maybe a few beers...

... pictures and more studio updates later tonight.

"pøls´mix" and "Metal-up-OUR-ass"

Morten and L´arse

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