Sunday, February 14, 2010

All fired up

Hey what's up. Last night we started to lay down some initial vocals - and WOW what a massive sound! I have already recorded most of the vocal parts in the following songs: "Good Son" (It's an old school brutal song tuned in A with some killer riffs), "The Night Party" (Yeah, it's a party song, hehe...), "Vipers" (King Diamond would be proud), "Street Emperor" (LG would be proud), and a verse idea for "Pull Yourself Together" (Dave Gahan would, nah not really...), so we're progressing with a good feeling I must say... :-) I'm gonna spend the rest of the day listening to the stuff, maybe putting some overdubs here and there, and maybe change a couple of parts too. My brother is the pro-tools master of death, and he's doing a really good job (THANKS!).

Have a great sunday!

Lesson of the day: "Nul huller? Ah, du har da i hvert fald mindst tre!" (citat: gun jack)


Anonymous said...


i'm also fuckin' proud of you dudes! can't wait to hear the new stuff. your vocal overdubs are amazing in every damn song.
so take your time to create that amazing shit - just like always <3

james hetfield

...nah not really ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds good can't wait for another album like Confusion Bay or Wasteland... upload some tunes as soon as possible or clips from the studio

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