Monday, February 8, 2010

What’s up everybody, this is Kasper checking in from the Hansen studio on the west coast of good ol’ Jutland (nah, I'm actually still in Copenhagen until wednesday, hehe, then I'm off for some metal action in the studio - can't wait!).

We’ve been working on this album during the last twelve months, I think, and it sure feels good finally to get the actual recordings started - and we're on fire once again! Mr. Toft Hansen is tracking drums this week, and he’s in good shape and ready to fucking kick ass. He actually nailed four tracks today - good job!

We’re recording twelve songs with the following working titles: “Pull Yourself Together”, “Tiger Crown”, “Applause for the Cause”, “Good Son”, “The Night Party”, “Street Emperor”, “Dim the Lights and Run”, “Ire Vampire”, “Vipers”, “Rumours of Worship”, “These are Dangerous Times”, and "Big Truth". We’re not gonna reveal the album title today, but it’s a cool one, I can tell you that, hehe…

I think we’re exploring new territories, both musically and lyrically, with this record, but of course we're still keeping it very melodic, electro-oriented with an old school metal approach, just as you all know it - and hopefully likes it!

We’re in the studio for the rest of February and some of March too, and the album will be released in June through Lifeforce Records.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress on this Endeavour, so please check back on a regular basis for video clips, funny stuff, interviews and other small things. Thank you so much for all your support.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I cant wait guys. I sure hope this is the album that puts You on the map so you finally can get the recognition You deserve. Keep up the good work and keep posting blogs and hopefully some videos too! Cheers!

death-tv said...

Tätääää det lyder godt =)