Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturdays are made for metal

Hi everybody, finally getting up after one friday night and a morning rise. Things are still going good, and drums + guitars are all recorded. I think we only need some "here and there" touches on some of the guitar parts, and then we're there! A lot of experimenting is going on as I write this, trying out different sounds to give each song its own identity - it's gonna be cool for sure!

Lars and Jesper left the studio ealier today as they had to attend some business back in Cph. Later today Jeppe will arrive, and tonight I will start putting some vocal tracks down - can't wait to get started! :-) Morten is still here, and he will record some cool percussion stuff in the afternoon, and then he's going to be the chef of the night preparing a nice dinner for us. Some of our friends will come by tonight as well, and the redwine will flow like a river of blood once again! :-)

Until' next time: "Er det dig, der var på orgel? Nej, jeg hedder Lars. Poul, som spiller keyboard, står lige derovre..." - tjaaaaa, ok! :-)

The dudes

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