Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lars reporting from the cold winter surroundings out in the country. Woke up 5.30 and couldn´t sleep anymore eventhough yesterday was a rather productive day that ended up on the couch with candy, beers and Iron Maiden "Flight 666" in the dvd player. If you haven´t seen this dvd please pick it up asap. as this might the best documentary movie we´ve seen for a while.

7.30 AM: Jesper and Morten are up and we gather around the table for some yoghourt and some vitamins to set this day off in the best possible way. We watch the news on TV that is the only thing that connects us to the outside world.

8.15 AM: Morten and Jesper are off to the studio to edit drums and track more guitar. I decide to go for a fresh little morning trip out in the beautiful morning snow as I will be tracking guitar later on today.

9.30 AM: Back from an amazing walk out in the deserted landscape around the studio - sometimes you really miss places outside civilization.

10 AM: After a quick shower i´m now back in the studio dying to get a nice warm cup of coffee - ahhhh what a relief. Morten and Hansi are listening to various drumparts and things are runnnig smoothly and we´re progressing. Jesper is doing good :-)

11 AM: Time for a small lunch, some quick stories and more coffee .. this time with milk for change ;-)

11.30 AM: Trying out various guitar again and maybe we´ll end up using a hollowbody Duesenberg with Bigsby for small parts here and there as this guitar could bring a cool sound and atmosphere to certain parts - we´ll see. For the moment we´re tracking guitar on our new Jackson guitars that sound absolutely great. I think we will be using various guitars this time around to give the individual song it´s own identity.

12. AM: Today´s lesson comes from Morten as he tells us about a new crazy computervirus "Postcard from Hallmark" that should be pretty harmfull and one of the most devastating viruses for a long time. - so avoid this is the message from Mr. Morty.

1 PM: Time for coffee and a banana while listening to drums. The drumsound is KILLER... the snare drum really has a prefect tone .... maybe it´s because Morten hits like a small girl that weighs 250 kilos - I guess so ;-)

1.15 PM: Fired up and ready to go ...Morten is behind the drumkit beating the hell out of his drums.

2 PM: Drums for the fifth song are ready.

2.30 PM: Hansi has to leave the studio as his daughter is sick and I have the honour of sitting in the magic "big-shot-producer-chair" to record Morten´s drums. After adjusting a few buttons we get the sound 110% right with my super ears. HA HA

3 PM: Hansi is back and totally psyched about the super sound changes i´ve made. Yep... even an ol´ fart can learn new tricks :-)

3.15 PM: Time for some shopping. Off I go to the local grocery store driving Morten´s old Porche 911 to buy some food, liquor, beers and stuff. Tonight we´re going to eat a proper meal instead of Pizza and Pøls´mix - our ugly mugs are turning grey by eating that kind of "delicious" food.

4 PM: Jeppe (assistant) is up for helping us through the night while both Jesper and I are tracking guitars.

6 PM: Time for dinner - today with vegetables (peas) and off course BEEEEERRRR

7 PM: We´re at work again... and everybody are focusing on their thing.

møz møz and "Up-the-irons"


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