Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RAUNCHY join Jackson Guitars

Jesper Tilsted and Lars Christensen have officially joined the Jackson Bloodline family and will now be playing this fine brand. With a new album to be released in 2010 we are proud to be wearing Jackson around our necks both live and on the new album.


haeders said...


great news. I'm excited which guitar models will be chosen by you.

Hope to see you live in southern Germany (e.g. in Stuttgart) again!


Lars Christensen said...

Hey Manuel

Jesper are playing COW Dinky-6 (Silverburst) and RR-24 (white)

I´m playing COW Dinky-6 (Silverburst) and Matt Tuck (Silver sparkle)

Pictures will be up next week :-)

take care


haeders said...

Hi Lars,

thanks for your quick response!

I know these models (got 3 Dinky Reverse, 1 Rhoads and 1 Kelly from Jackson), nice guitars man! Pictures will be appreciated.

I'm hoping to hear them live in the near future. So come to Germany, please! :-D

Regards \m/ (ò_ó ) \m/

Anonymous said...

Hi Lars and Jesper ! what were the pickups you guys used on your cd ? amazing tone ! Thanks - jason